Bard-a-thon 15

Bard-a-thon XV

April 19-27, 2014

Fairbanks Community Museum

124-2444_IMG Schedule and audio stream info coming soon.

Become a Bard-a-thon Sponsor!

Your sponsorship is a tax deductible donation that will help keep this beloved community event alive and provide free arts education to hundreds of local students attending the Bard-a-thon school readings.  Sponsors can donate in their name, business name, family name, in honor of a loved one or anonymously; pretty much anyway you want to be (or not to be) recognized.  All sponsors of any type are invited to our Bard-a-thon Bash on Friday, April 18.

There are three types of Sponsors:

Starring Role – $50

When you donate $50, you can pick from our list of famous soliloquies.  Join us for that reading and you’re the star for that scene!  You can find the list of scenes here.

Play Sponsor – $200

When you donate $200, you can sponsor any of the plays at the event.  Your name will appear on the Bard-a-thon Tree located in the event lobby and we’ll give a fitting hurrah to honor you at the start of your play.

Bard-a-thon Backer – Your choice

Donate any amount of your choosing and become a Bard-a-thon Backer.

You can become a Sponsor right now by clicking HERE.

If you’d like to be a Sponsor and pay by cash, check or over the phone, please call 907-457-7638.


Download a PDF version of the schedule here.



Bard-a-thon is our 8 day celebration of all of Shakespeare’s works.  The community reads plays and sonnets 24 hours a day until we’ve read them all!   It’s about 8 days of solid Shakespeare.

Volunteers facilitate each show around the clock.  They assign roles and keep the plays moving.  People from all over the Fairbanks area come to the event and read at all hours of the day and night.  We have a speaker phone and get callers joining us from all over the world.  Microphones are spread around the room and all the reads are broadcast on streaming audio over the internet.  School groups come in during the weekdays for special educational sessions.

Jake Waid

The first Bard-a-thon was in 1999 at the Fairbanks Masonic Temple.  Since then, FST Artistic Director, Bruce Rogers, has start another annual Bard-a-thon in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  It’s not hard to start up a Bard-a-thon; all you need are some Riversides and some bodies!

Some short videos about Bard-a-thon and how it affects our community are available here and here.

  • FST 2014 Season

    Spring Break Drama Camp : March 17 - 22

    Bard-a-thon XV : April 19 - 27

    Groundlings : June 9 - 29

    Fledglings : June 16 - 29

    As You Like It : July 11 - 27

    As You Like It - Tonglen Lake, AK : August 2 & 3

    Sleepless Night : October 29 - November 1