(2005) Much Ado About Nothing

Directed by Graham Watts

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Our cast included:

bd Rogers as Leonato; Steve Crosby as Anotonio; Shannon Luster as Officer 1 and Dogberry; Jon-Kiefer Bowne as Officer 2 and Seacoal; Willis Ferenbaugh as Balthasar and Friar Francis; Shawn Law as Don Pedro; Levi Ben-Israel as Claudio; Jakes Waid as Benedick; Scott Jackson as Don John; Andrew Cassel as Borachio; Allan Hayton as Comrade; Hana Lass as Beatrice; Christy Burgess as Hero; Eugenia Andruchowicz as Ursula and Watchwoman; Bill Fuller as Verges; and Graham Wattas as Sexton.

Our production team included:

Mandy Nott, Stage Manager; Shannon Luster, Tour Manager and Production Manager; John Mayer, Scenic Designer; Chris John George, Technical Director and Sound Designer; John Bartlett, Master Carpenter; Justin Grooms, Assistant Carpenter; Sarah Llewellyn, Composer, Rebecca Smith, Choreographer; Claudia Lively, Costumer; Holly Olsen, Connie Cloud, Renate Lively, Hana Lass, Michele Robinson, Allan Hayton and Sarah Olsen, Seamster/Seamstresses; Jan Dawe and Rachel Kaplan, Props; John Bartlett and Joyn Mayer, Set Construction; John Mayer, Light Operator; John Mayer and Michele Robinson, Sound Operators; Maria Messina, Hair and Make-Up; Renna Short, Publicity; Andrew Cassel and Renna Short, Program Design; John Mayer, Production Cook and Barbara Short, Tour Illustration.

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